Custom Scent Shaving Cream

In addition to our popular scents, we offer the possibility of creating your own personal scents. Shave with a shaving cream created just for you. Al's Custom Shaving Cream is a unique one of the kind product. The Custom Scent Shaving Creams come in 3 options: Regular Tub, same 4 oz tub offered in our Shaving Cream line; Large Tub, same amount of product packed in a larger 8 oz tub for people that load their brushes in the container; Mega Bomb, larger 8 oz tub overstuffed with product designed to provide the best value.  Please contact us about your requests and essential oil availability before you order.

Have you tried our Calypso After Shave Splash? We offer our Custom After Shave Balm or Pre Shave Oil in matching scent. Please try our new Body Wash.

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Price $25.00

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