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Introducing Al's Shaving Sapone da Barba. Al's Shaving Sapone da Barba is a rebatched soft soap that has a very soft consistency and superb solubility. This new formula is designed for people that crave the feedback that only a soap can provide. Made with coconut oil and salts of long and medium chain fatty acids for the creamiest lather in addition to water, glycerin and botanical essential oils, Al's Shaving Sapone da Barba provides exceptional glide and comfort for the closest irritation-free shaves. Offered in 4 oz tins.

The first offering of this new line is scented with a similar combination of essential oils that Al himself uses for his shaves when he is not testing other products. Al's Private Stock is a mix of strong floral notes of geranium and rose otto supported by West Indian sandalwood and cedarwood in the background.

Please see our other shaving products. To complete your shave routine, we offer After Shave Balms and Pre Shave oils in matching Al's Private Stock scent. We also offer a Calypso After Shave Splash and Body Wash.

Samples of Sapone da Barba will not be available for sale.

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